Monday, 6 January 2014

Assignments Post - 6th Jan.


Due Tomorrow:

  • Science: 
    • "01 Worksheet: General Properties of Wave"
      • Finish pages 2 & 3. 

Due Wednesday:

    • Math: 
      • "Assignment 1.1: Direct Proportion"
        • Please place working and answers onto a separate piece of foolscap paper.

    Take Note:

    • Ensure that your Fun Packs are finished.



    • Temperature Taking Exercise 
      • Remember to bring your thermometer
    • CL Diagnostic Test:
      • Comprehension Exercise 
    • EL Diagnostic Test:
      • Composition Writing

    Take Note:  

    • Math Teacher's Contact Information:
      • Office Number: 419
      • Email:
    • Class Email:
    • Check your email to accept the various subject blog invites. 
    • Please consider what kind of Curriculum you would like to be taught for English. 

    If you have any suggestions for improving the homework post, please comment. Thank you!


      1. We also need to brainstorm for our ADMT Story Ideation. The Chinese Test is on comprehension.