Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Assignments Post - 7th Jan.


Motivational Quote for the Day:

Due Tomorrow:

  • Science:

        "01 Worksheet: General Properties of 
        • Finish pages 4, 5 & 6. 
        • Place it in your science file.
      • Sign the "Safety Rules in the Laboratory" form.

    • Math:

          "Assignment 1.1: Direct Proportion"
          • Please place working and answers onto a separate piece of foolscap paper.
        • "Unit 01: Direct and Inverse Proportions" Notes
          • Finish pages 3 & 4. 

      Due Friday:

      • Science:

      Due Next Tuesday:

      • IRS:

        • Instructions from the teacher ^

              Take Note:

              • Ensure that your Fun Packs are finished.



              • IH Diagnostic Test:

                • History test & previously learned topics. 

              Take Note:  

              • Check your email to accept the various subject blog invites. 
              • Please consider what kind of Curriculum you would like to be taught for English. 
              • Tomorrow is a S&W day, with S&W being the first period of the day. Remember to bring your attire. 

              If you have any suggestions for improving the homework post, please comment. Thank you!

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