Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tuesday's homework post

Dear S2-09,
  Here is the homework for the day!

1) Mathematics
 -Mathematics 2.1 worksheet (Mr Ang said that he would be allowed to do final touch-ups but it will be before 10pm)

2) English
-Upload your group's slides onto the English Blog (Prejudice and Discrimination)

Due tomorrow: 
1) Integrated Humanities
-01A (Origins of Civilisations) and 01B (The First Civilisations) documents
-Create an Integrated Humanities folder in your Learning Device and categorise the units (Golden Ages etc)
-Update your Integrated Humanities Content Page on a daily basis. 

2) Chinese
-Comment on your partner's work. If you do not know who is your partner, kindly check; http://sst2014-s209cl.blogspot.sg/2014/01/209.html

3) Mathematics 
-Pages 8 of the handout 

4)  Science
-Refraction notes (Pages 3 and 4)
-Reflection Homework

5) English
-Create an introduction (Setting) for your composition 

Due on Wednesday:
1) English 
-Obedience Presentation (with your group)
~Be prepared when the lesson starts! (do not add in more things to your slides etc)

Due on Friday:
1) Innovation and Entrepreneurship
-Watch the video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5016fh7TgQ) and comment on the post which is at http://sst2014-s209ie.blogspot.sg/2014/01/homework.html.

Due next Monday:
1) Mathematics
-2.2 Assignment (Do the whole of Tier B and some specific questions from Tier C, to be revealed at a later date)

Due next Tuesday:
1) Interdisciplinary Research Studies
-Create a literature review (using a mindmap and upload it to your group's blog)

Due next Wednesday (29 January 2014):

1) Chinese 
 -好词好句 (三个好词,一个好句)
~Write on foolscap paper 
~Before submitting, please let your partner check it!
-Chinese workbook (Pages 30 to 41)

Due sometime next week: 
1) Chinese
-File in the content pages and put the necessary documents inside. 

Due Term 1, Week 10:
1) English 
-Performance Task (Literary Brochure) 

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3)

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