Thursday, 9 January 2014

Y.A.P. - Your Attention Please! (9th Jan.)

Today's Motivational Quote:


Due Tomorrow Night:

  • Chinese

    • 华文:好词语,好句子:
      • Post on the Chinese Blog 3 词语 and 1 句子, with their meanings included.
    • Please check the Chinese Blog for Announcements.

Due Next Monday:

  • English

    • Plot Making:
      • Create a plot to a story.
      • We are using this plot to write a composition on Monday. 
      • Link to Additional Resources: 
    • "Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Resource:
      • Create/Find a resource (e.g Mind Map, Infographic e.t.c) on WWII that is related to the "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas". 

  • Science

    • Notes "01 Worksheet: General Properties of Wave":
      • Finish pages 13, 15 and 16.
    • Worksheet "Homework 1: General Properties of Waves":
    • Summary Page:
      • Finish up the Summary Page by summing up all that we have been taught into a Mind Map. 

Due Next Tuesday:

  • Chinese

    • Chinese Journal:
      • Write down your thoughts and feelings about something you had seen, read e.t.c and post it onto the Chinese Blog.
      • Your entry must be a 100 characters long or longer. 
    • Mathematics
    • Assignment 1.2: Inverse Proportion
      • Remember to place your working on a separate piece(s) of foolscap paper.

School Events:


    • Emergency Relay System - Assignment:
      • A system where several students in a class are assigned the responsibility of contacting the students they are assigned to if they are very late or absent for unexplained reasons. 
      • The activity of assigning will take place during our Advisory Period.
    • Class Positions:
      • They will be announced tomorrow.

Next Monday

  • Purchase of C.C.E Journal:

    • Link:

General Announcements:

  • For Chinese

    • Chinese Blog - Take a Look:

      • Useful Links
      • Learning 词语: Quizlet Online Flashcards
      • Textbook Chapter 十九
      • Introductory Slides
      • Includes Test Weightage, Chinese School Activities/Events

    • Homework requirements:

      • 习字: Write down the 词语 of a lesson that we have finished learning, including the 汉语拼音. 
      • 口试: When Ms. Zhao posts a Chinese Oral Reading Passage, record yourself reading it.
      • 活动本: Finish the practice for the 单元 that we have finished learning.

  • For English
      • English Blog - Take a Look:

        • Lesson Summary 
        • Announcements from Ms. Tay
        • Lesson Road Map

      • Short Story:

        • "The Sniper" - By Liam O'Flaherty

    • For Mathematics

        • Download CanScanner
        • If you would like to back-up your worksheets by using ComScanner in case you might lose it, download CamScanner. 
        • If not, it is optional to download it. 

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