Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The median-of-the-week post!

Dear S2-09,
 Hey guys! This is the homework for the day! 

Due tomorrow:
1) Mathematics
-You can start doing the assignment 3.1 till question 3
-Feedback form (on the Mathematics lesson, email)
-Research on how to complete the square (post your answers on the Mathematics forum)
- Do the 'Complete the Square Questions'
Link: (Page 13)
*For those who are not assigned questions, please do ONE question that you want from 1 to 8. 
Remember to solve the solution using a GRAPHICAL representation (drawings) and post it on the blog when you are done. Label the post too! (#completethesquare)

2) Character Education 
-Career form (last lesson's worksheet)
-Sign the Sexuality Education form (by 21 February 2014 but try to hand up early)
~Submit both to Donovan Neo Jia Jie 
-Career form (the one where you needed to do the RIASEC test) (by Friday but try to hand up early)
~Submit it to Kok Li Ying

3) English 
-Finalise all the necessary marks on the scripts
~Align your marking according to the rubrics 

4) Chinese
-好词好句 (写在稿纸上)
-Essay (based on the theme, "Chinese New Year')
~Fill up the worksheet Ms Zhao gave us (planning sheet for the essay)
-File in the content pages and put the necessary documents inside. 
-B组 of the Chinese worksheet (for those who submitted the 'Chinese New Year' composition by today) 
*For those who have not finished, you are required to complete the entire worksheet.
-Memorise the phrases that the teacher has given us today. 

5) Science
-Page 2 of the notes (set 2), go through the links
-Try to do the whole of set 1 (there are some examples which require you to do)

Due on Friday:
1) Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
-Market Research (competitors/suppliers)
-Create a survey form which will contain 10 to 15 questions not including personal details (future consumers)
-Share the document with Ms Koh (

2) Science 
-Refraction Homework 

3) Chinese
-Learn spelling (20th chapter, only the sentences. 必会词 is excluded)

Due next Tuesday:
1) Interdisciplinary Research Studies
-Research Justification (refining of it)

Due next Thursday:
1) Science
-Level test 1 past  examination paper 

Due the week before level test:
1) Science
-File in the documents based on the content page (the first item on the content page will be at the bottom) 

Due Term 1, Week 10 (next week is Week 6):
1) English 
-Performance Task (Literary Brochure) 

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3)

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