Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The post for the day!

Dear S2-09,
  This is the homework for the day. 

Due today (if you have not done so):
1) Mathematics
-Assignment 3.3 ( by 2359)

2) Integrated Humanities
-03A e-journal (submit via the Integrated Humanities Google Drive folder)

Due tomorrow:
1) Mathematics
-Level Test Examination 2013 corrections
*Optional: You can go to Geogebra, Grapher or Desmos to look at the graphs of quadratic equations. Observe how they look like (parabola etc)

2) Chinese 
-Back part of the 词语表
-感想 (post on the Chinese blog)
-Organise your Chinese file
-Learn Chinese spelling! (第二十一课)

3) Science
-Do the notes till page 14 (just before the 2.4 Activity)

4) English
-Find the thesis statement, PEEL, Micro POV and Macro POV in the passage that your group was assigned to 
-Group 5, make a conclusion for question 5 of 3.2 (whether it is TB, TN or M)
-Groups 2 and 6, settle out whether question 6 would be TB, TN or M. 
Only for Jia Wei;
-Post the English summary

5) Integrated Humanities
-Think of a topic that your group will choose for Activity 1 (for more details, see below)

Due Friday:
1) I&E
-Go to http://sst2014-s209ie.blogspot.sg/2014/02/homework_20.html

-Edit your script and come up with the thumbnail storyboard 
-You may do it on Celtx, Google Drive or Pages, whichever you think is better. 

Due next Tuesday:
1) Interdisciplinary Research Studies
-Research Justification (refining of it)
-Survey questions

2) Integrated Humanities
Choose an idea or a thing (such as a food that you eat) that came to Southeast Asia (SEA) through contact and interaction with another civilisation and is still part of the way of life in modern Singapore. Research it more thoroughly, in books and on the internet, for a short presentation to the class. You might like to think about:!
  1. What is this idea or thing that you have chosen?
  2. Where did it come from?
  3. What kind of interaction brought it to SEA?
  4. Where else did it spread to?
  5. Why do you think it was taken by by the people of SEA?
    6. How has this idea or thing been adapted or modified by the people of SEA? 

Due the week before level test:
1) Science
-File in the documents based on the content page (the first item on the content page will be at the bottom) 

Due Term 1, Week 10 (this week is Week 8):
1) English 
-Performance Task (Literary Brochure) 

Due Term 2, Week 1:
1) Interdisciplinary Research Studies
-Oral presentation

-Level Test Schedule 

28 February 2014 (this Friday); Chinese
3rd February 2014 (next Monday); Integrated Humanities 
4th February 2014 (next Tuesday); Mathematics
5th February 2014 (next Wednesday); Science

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3)

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