Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Call of duty

Dear S2-09,
  This is the homework for the day. 

Due today (if you have not done so):
1) Integrated Humanities
-03A e-journal (submit via the Integrated Humanities Google Drive folder)
-03B corrections for last page 

Due tomorrow:
1) Science
-File in the documents based on the content page (the first item on the content page will be at the bottom) 
-Structured questions 
-Electricity homework

2) Mathematics
-For the quadratic graph concept map, answer all the practice questions. 
*Optional: You can go to Geogebra, Grapher or Desmos to look at the graphs of quadratic equations. Observe how they look like (parabola etc)
-Page 6 of the notes
-Assignment 4.1

3) Integrated Humanities
-In your groups, answer the following:
1) Name of explorer
2) Background (country he came from and period he lived in)
3) Purpose of travel
4) Journey/Route - countries he had travelled to and any difficulties encounter/ interesting account

5) Contributions he had made to his country/the world

Due Friday:
1) I&E
-On the document, put in 3 internal and 3 external influences (elaborate on them too!)

-Edit your script and come up with the thumbnail storyboard 
-You may do it on Celtx, Google Drive or Pages, whichever you think is better. (post it up on your Edmodo group)

3) Integrated Humanities
-Form your groups and fill up the spreadsheet;  

Due next Monday:
1) English
-Finish the paragraph (PEEL, based on your topic sentence)

Due next Tuesday:
1) Interdisciplinary Research Studies
-Research Justification (refining of it)
-Survey questions
-Survey analysis

2) Chinese
-Chinese Performance Task script (draft 1, follow the template given)

Due Term 1, Week 10 (this week is Week 8):
1) English 
-Performance Task (Literary Brochure) 

Due Term 2, Week 1:
1) Interdisciplinary Research Studies
-Oral presentation

-Level Test Schedule
5th February 2014 (tomorrow); Science
-Track and field meet sign-ups
Go to and do the survey. 

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3)

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