Monday, 10 March 2014

Cyberwellness : Online Dangers 10/3/14

Cyberwellness lesson 10th March 2014

Remember to follow the Sense, Think, Act module.

Activity 1 after watching the video.

What are the nature of the cyber dangers presented in this scenario?
- Cyber bullying
- Stalking
- Invasion of privacy
- Blackmail

Why did the girl succumb so easily?
- Attention seeker
- Linked to be complimented by others
- Aspires to have an relationship (blinded by love)
- Infatuation

Why is it so scary?
- Not risking consequences
- No one will know your identity
- Limited to just typing words (tone is not revealed)

Would you reject the invitation immediately?
- Will look at the person's profile

What would you do if the person claims he is the friend of your friend?
- Stalk the person (from various media)

Question to ponder, what do you do with your friends online?
- Sharing your thoughts online. It might influence them.

Activity 3 Padlet

Activity 4

Fill the paper with one habit you want to change and post the picture on the padlet.


Max Oh, Cyberwellness Representative

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