Friday, 7 March 2014

New stuff

Dear S2-09,
  This is the homework for the day. Happy Birthday Yong Liang~ and a day in advance for Jia Wei. 

Due today (if you have not done so):
1) Integrated Humanities
-03A e-journal (submit via the Integrated Humanities Google Drive folder)
-03B e-journal

2) Integrated Humanities
-Form your groups and fill up the spreadsheet;  

Due next Monday:
1) English
-Finish the paragraph (PEEL, based on your topic sentence)

2) Mathematics
-Graphs of quadratic equations pages 6 and 7

-Edit your script and come up with the thumbnail storyboard 
-You may do it on Celtx, Google Drive or Pages, whichever you think is better. (post it up on your Edmodo group)
-Production Schedule 
-Start filming

4) Character Education
-Finish up the Habits of Mind worksheet and submit it to Donovan Neo Jia Jie 

5) General
-Go to and finish up the survey

6) Chinese (it is in the correct place)
-Chinese Performance Task script (draft 1, follow the template given)

Due next Tuesday:
1) Interdisciplinary Research Studies
-Research Justification (refining of it)
-Survey questions
-Survey analysis

2) Chinese
-File in your documents
-第三课习字 and the back page of the 词语表
-Learn spelling tomorrow (21st chapter)

3) Integrated Humanities
-Expert-sharing (refer to previous blog post for the questions you need to answer)

Due next Thursday:
1) Sports and Wellness
-Go this page: and comment.

2) English 
-Performance Task (Literary Brochure) 

Due next Friday:
1) Chinese
-Learn spelling (first 10 idiom sentences of the book below)

2) I&E
-The summary of your survey (put it in your group journal and put them into graphs)
-Update the journal (pricing strategies, target audience, competitors and potential demands)

Due Term 2, Week 1:
1) Interdisciplinary Research Studies
-Oral presentation

-Track and field meet sign-ups
Go to and do the survey. 

Deadline: 11 April 2014, 5pm 
Term 2 Week 1 (Draft of video, 90% of actual)
Term 2 Week 3 (Final video)

-4 sec-display of SST logo
-5-sec display of the title of short film and the names of members
-5-sec sypnosis of the film (approximately 30 words)
-HD version 
-Subtitles for entire movie 
-mp4 format
S209_Unit Production_Movie

Movie Poster
  1. A2 size
  2. Include names of all members, class and roles
  3. Should include photos and other visuals that best captures the essence of the movie being done. Some examples from 2013 are here;
  4. Final design of poster should be exported as high-res PDF file, together with the other deliverables. Note that there is NO NEED for you to print your poster, just submit the soft copies will suffice!

File name; S209_UnitProduction_Poster

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3)

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