Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pythagoras Theorem

Dear S2-09,
  This is the homework for today. Have a nice weekend ahead! 

Due today:   
1) General
-Go to and finish up the survey

2) Mathematics

Due next Monday:
1) Mathematics
-Practice Questions (attach at the back of study notes, first page only)

2) Chinese
-Chinese email  

-Rough sketch of the chair you want to make (plan the whole thing out on your Sketchbook)

4) Science
-Flow of Energy and Matter homework
-Flow of Energy and Matter mindmap (post it on the Science blog)

5) General
-Consent form (for NTU Flagship)
Those who have not submitted: (submit it to Ms Lim)
1) Crane Lim Yu Xuan (5)
2) Augustine Yap (7)
3) Javier Tay Yu Cheng (15)
4) Kang Shiqiang (17)
5) Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (18)

-Consent form (for Medical Certification)
1) Crane Lim Yu Xuan (5)
2) Augustine Yap (7)
3) Kang Shiqiang (17)
4) Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (18)
5) Lim Kai Xiang Sean (20)
6) Lok Yang Teng (21)

Due next Tuesday:
1) I&E
-Go to for more information

2) English
-File English file
-Informal Letter (on modern aspects and cultural aspects of Singapore

Due next Wednesday:
1) Chinese

2) General

Due next Thursday:
1) Mathematics
-Gauss Enrichment Programme Problem 2

2) IRS
-Individual Reflection and Peer Assessment (find it on the Googlesite)
Go to

Due next Friday:
1) Integrated Humanities
-Download this document; answer all the questions

Due next next week:
1) Science
-Physics Common Test paper

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3) 

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