Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May the force be with you.

Dear S2-09,
  This is the homework for today. Good luck to all those that are going for GCP next week! 

Due today:   
1) Science
-Flow of Energy and Matter mindmap (post it on the Science blog)

Due on Monday:
1) Integrated Humanities
-Integrated Humanities Trail Form

2) General
-GIRO Form
-NTU Flagship form (submit it to Mr Teng's pigeon hole)

Due by 31st May 2014:
1) Investigative Skills in Science

Due at the end of the June holidays:
1) Mathematics
-Assignment 8.3
-Assignment 10.1 (Tier A and B)
-Gauss Questions 4, 5, 6 and 7
-Self-directed learning for Indices and Standard Form; do the iBook on the Googlesite, and remember to track your own progress at 

2) Chinese
-Reflections on any 少年文摘 article (except for “开心时刻”和“思维体操”)

-Composition on an argument;  你和家人发生了一场纠纷,令你感到后悔及难过。请写出事情的经过,并且写出你的感受和想法。

3) Science
-Summative Alternative Assessment 1 (the one that Ms Lim gave out)

4) I&E
-Commercial for your chosen product/company

5) NTU
-Evaluation form;
-Third Day reflections
-Thank-you card for the NTU staff, professors and our teachers. 

General information:
1) For the whole of next week, you need not bring your Learning Device. Do bring your stationery and foolscap paper though!

2) Events happening next week 
27 May 2014; Tuesday
What: Rio Tinto Science Competition 

Place: To be confirmed on the day itself

28 May 2014, Wednesday: 
What: IH Trail 
What time to what time: 7.35am to 1pm 
Place: Assemble at the ISH 

3) NTU Flagship
DateReporting Time and VenueDismissal Time and Venue
3 June0745   Atrium, SST1730   Canteen, SST
4 June0745   Atrium, SST1730   Canteen, SST
5 June
(students involved in Closing Ceremony and Best Project Groups)
0800   MPH, SST1545   Canteen, SST
5 June
(all other students)
0930   Atrium, SST1545   Canteen, SST

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3) 

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