Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Due tomorrow:
1) Mathematics
-Assignment 8.3
-Gauss Questions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 
-Trigonometry Notes Page 15
-Indices Notes pages 17 and 18
-Assignment 11.1

2) Science
-Summative Assessment 2
-Equipment loan form
-Get a log book to document your progress (put the GANTT chart, content page, equipment loan list and Group Project Proposal (when it is finalised) in it)

3) English
-Bring the expository articles (given in Term 2 but if you have lost it, please print it out yourself from Blendspace) (Author's Purpose, Avalanche, Bullies and Octopus) 
-MCQ Quiz for Author's Purpose and Avalanche 
-Bugs Head Level 2 Compre 
-Present Perfect Compre [Violence Issue] (Do everything except Summary)

4) General
-Sign the SDM form (pass it to Donovan Neo Jia Jie)
Those not submitted: (Not updated)
1) Dawn Lim Gin (2)
2) Crane Lim Yu Xuan (5)
3) Augustine Yap Chang Hiang (7)
4) Benjamin Koh Zhao Hui (9)
5) Javier Tay Yu Cheng (15)
6) Joel Tan Xin Wei (16)
7) Kang Shiqiang (17)
8) Kor Kin Peng Jeron (19)
9) Maximilian Oh Yangzhi (23)
10) Shaun Tan Zhengxun (25),

NOTE: Stay back for the questionnaire at the auditorium 2-3pm after school

Due Friday:
1) I&E
-Commercial (send it via email to Ms Koh)

2) S&W
-SWOT analysis (check your email for it)

3) Mathematics

-11.2 (Please watch the youtube videos on the notes if unsure of how to do)

4) Chinese
-Chapter 10 XiZi(5 times per word)

Due next Monday:
-Update your group journal (20 questions and classify them into the following categories; Care, Content, Context and Others)
-Go to the various locations and take a picture of it in different angles (show activity happening there too!) (update it on the Google+ Event; Stage 1: Empathy. Include a short paragraph on what is happening)
-Interviews (at least 12- both audio and visual)
-Go around SST and find for learning spaces that are unique! (document it in your journal)
-From the Internet, find out the learning spaces in other schools so that you might gain some inspiration in order to design the perfect space for SST.

2) I&E
-Cash in-flow and out-flow statement (email Ms Koh about it/find a way to let her see)

Due next Tuesday:
-Chinese Idiom XiZi(3 times per word)

Important deadlines:
1) Chinese
Level Test 2: 8月5日

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