Tuesday, 1 July 2014

May the odds be ever in your favour

Dear S2-09,
  This is the homework for today. 

Due today: 
1) Investigative Skills in Science
Due tomorrow:
1) I&E
-Commercial for your chosen product/company

2) Science
-Summative Assessment
-Create a blog for your ISS Group and put up all the tabs 
-On your blog, answer the questions;
1) What is Science?
2) Scientific Methods
(posted on the Home page of your blog)

3) English
-In Blendspace, please attempt Homework 1 and 2
-Fill up the row (in Deconstructing Media); (based on the advertisement Ms Tay has given  you)

4) General
The following students have not submitted their report books
1) Augustine Yap Chang Hiang (7)
2) Chong Yong Liang (10)
3) Ho Jia Wei (14)
4) Kor Kin Peng Jeron (19)
5) Shaun Tan Zhengxun (25)

Due on Thursday:
-Chair (finish up in class)
-Create group journal (name it Class_Register Numbers_AD Journal)
-ADMT notes pertaining to the Architecture talk

  • Johanna and Crane
  • Yang Teng, Donovan and Kenneth Kiang
  • Wei Jie and Jeron 
  • Yong Liang, Benjamin and Joel
  • Li Ying, Darie and Daris
  • Augustine, Axel and Dawn
  • Kenneth Mah, Ray Chua and Shiqiang
  • Javier, Jia Wei and Nikisha
  • Shaun Tan, Maximilian Oh and Sean Lim 
2) Integrated Humanities 
-Read up on Activity 4 (https://www.blendspace.com/lessons/uu8ireoKRjzWJg/s209-introduction-to-geographical-inquiry-t3w1)
-Watch videos 1 and 3 and attempt quiz 2
-For activity 3, remember to export your mindmap as a PDF and upload it to your IH Google File
-Attempt activity 7 (in groups of 1 to 4); regarding the dolphins

3) Mathematics
-Assignment 10.2

4) General
-Bring your thermometer (assemble in class too!)
-Attend the Fire Safety SCDF Talk from 2pm to 4pm at the MPH.

Due sometime next week:
1) Mathematics
-Self-directed learning for Indices and Standard Form; do the iBook on the Googlesite, https://sites.google.com/a/s2013.sst.edu.sg/mathematics/11-indices-and-standard-form and remember to track your own progress at https://docs.google.com/a/s2013.sst.edu.sg/spreadsheets/d/1ZBNxsAWZHe7Brlj_pYwMplSU0RZ9WwEumWv9-I_aGY0/edit#gid=1716565924.
-Assignment 8.3
-Gauss Questions 4, 5, 6, 7

Important deadlines:
-4th September (Submission of the physical scaled-down model)
-12th September (Submission of the presentation boards and group journal, which includes the digital model) 
-17th September (FINAL submission of the presentation boards and group journal, which includes the digital model) 

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3) 

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