Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Secret Crusade

Dear S2-09,
  This is the homework for today. 

Due tomorrow:
1) Chinese
-《一件好事》作文  (for those who have not submitted) 
-词语表 (for those who have not submitted) 

2) Science

-Summative Assessment 2
-Research Paper on your chosen ISS topic (1st draft is due on Friday but as the days go on, you should update it) (print it out) 

3) Mathematics

-Some of the Mathematics assignments that require clearing!
(yellow indicates overdue)
Pre-topic Quiz: 
1) Crane Lim Yu Xuan (5)
2) Ng Wei Jie (24) (hand it when you get back)

Assignment 10.2:

Daris Ker Ann Lee (1)

Gauss Maths Problem 2:

Daris Ker Ann Lee (1)
Crane Lim Yu Xuan (5)
Augustine Yap Chang Hiang (7)
Ho Jia Wei (14)
Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (18)
Kor Kin Peng Jeron (19)
Shaun Tan Zhengxun (25)

Gauss Maths Problem 3:

Daris Ker Ann Lee (1)
Crane Lim Yu Xuan (5)
Augustine Yap Chang Hiang (07)
Joel Tan Xin Wei (16)
Shaun Tan Zhengxun (25)

-Assignment 8.3
-Gauss Questions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 
-Trigonometry Notes Page 15
-Indices Notes pages 17 and 18.

4)  General

-Sign the SDM form (pass it to Donovan Neo Jia Jie)
-Pass the money for the class photos to Donovan Neo Jia Jie (5R photos- $3, 8R photos-$6)

5) English

-Eye-witness report (on the fight between St. Andrews and ACS (I) in 2010)


-Post pictures of the activities happening in locations and upload it to the Google+ Event: Stage 1- Empathy

Due next Monday:

1) ADMT 
-Update your group journal (20 questions and classify them into the following categories; Care, Content, Context and Others) 
-Go to the various locations and take a picture of it in different angles (show activity happening there too!) (update it on the Google+ Event; Stage 1: Empathy. Include a short paragraph on what is happening) 

2) I&E

-Refining of your commercial (maximum; 1 min 30 seconds)

Due next Tuesday:

1) English
-Bring the expository articles (given in Term 2 but if you have lost it, please print it out yourself from Blendspace) (Author's Purpose, Avalanche, Bullies etc) 

2) Chinese

-词语表 (idioms one)

3) Integrated Humanities

-Put the geographical inquiry steps into point form on Evernote (this is for your own learning and revision and will not be collected)

Due sometime next week:
1) English
-Violence Issue Comprehension
-Comprehension handouts (given by Ms Tay yesterday and today)

Important deadlines:

1) Chinese
Level Test 2: 7月5日

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (3) 

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