Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Homework for today!

Dear S2-09,
  Here is the homework for today. 

Due tomorrow: 
1) English
-Choose 1 sample essay and determine if it is good reflective writing. (you may work in groups for this)

  1. What are some traits of good reflective writing? 
  2. Justify your answer by marking it out in your essay.  
-Choose your topic for reflective writing (you can do it in your groups)
-Bring the Present Perfect Essay issue to class

2) Chinese
-Do pages 9 to 11 of the textbook (check the blog for the recordings)
-Finish up the 课文结构

3) Integrated Humanities
-'How is Singapore managing deforestation?' presentation 

4) Mathematics
-Set Language and Notation Notes Example 14

Due on Friday:
1) Mathematics
-Assignment 12.2
-Gauss Question 1 to 12

2) Chinese

Due next Monday:

1) I&E
-Executive Summary


-Interview (Audio/Video) people and post the links in your group journal! Include the transcript too!

-Research on spaces that are fully utilised and put it in your group journal

-Research on "Grandeur, Cheerful, Resilience, Serenity, Playful" architecture design and post in your group journal

-Put the Persona and Emotional Graph in your journal 

-Think of more ideas on how to use the space you have chosen (document it down on your journal)

-Bubble Diagram and Floor-Plan

-Purpose of designing space in journal
-Sketch-up model 

Due Term 3, Week 9: (this week is week 8)
1) English
-Alternative Assessment (Oral)

Due by Term 4:

1) Science
-Remedial Worksheet

Important deadlines:
1) Chinese

2) General
-Please come in red or white shirt tomorrow for the National Day Celebration. You may come in uniform though!
-Celebration will end at 11am. 

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