Saturday, 20 September 2014


Dear S2-09,
  Here is the homework for today.

Due next Monday:

1) Integrated Humanities
-Finish up the questions Mr Tan gave us

2) English
-Present Perfect Magazine Comprehension (and summary) 
-Editing practices and identifying the type of essay question worksheet(three handouts Ms Tay gave out) 

3) Mathematics
-Assignment 14.4 (check email)

Due next Tuesday:
1) ADMT (check Edmodo for the links)
-Peer Apprasial
-Assessment on Architecture

2) Science 
-2013 Communication Science Examination Paper

Due next Wednesday:
1) I&E
-Final decision on the roles and what we are selling for the I&E Bazaar

2) Chinese
-2013 EOY Chinese Paper 2
*note lesson swap of IH with S&W 

Due next next Thursday:
1) I&E
-Business Feasibility Plan

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