Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The new homework post.

Dear S2-09,
  Here is the homework for today. 

Due today: (by 2359)
1) Science
-Blog (updated with all tabs filled up)

Due tomorrow:
1) Chinese

Due before the September holidays end: 
-Physical model 

Due after the September holidays: 
Due on Tuesday:
1) English
-Comprehension Paper
-Eye-witness account (on vandalism/damage of property) 

-Presentation boards
-Group journal updated 

3) Chinese
-2013 EOY Chinese Examination Paper
(the homework below is only applicable to some students who did not submit homework on time)

4) Integrated Humanities
-Energy worksheet (the one with the graphs and pie charts)
-IH PT (by 2359, submit via Google Classroom)

5) Science
-2013 ISS Examination Paper
-2013 Communication Science Examination Paper
-2013 Environmental Science Examination Paper
-Environmental Science remedial worksheet

Due on Wednesday:
1) Mathematics
-2013 EOY Mathematics Paper 2

Due on Thursday: 
1) I&E
-Go to this link; for more information
-Business Pitch (refer to for more information) - only applicable to some groups 

-Business Feasibility Plan (refer to for more information)

Due on Friday:
1) ICT
-iBook about yourself (add in the Arduino parts too!)

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