Thursday, 23 October 2014

S2-09 Highlights and Challenges 2014

S2-09 2014 
-Singing "Happy Birthday" to Shaun Tan
-Donovan becoming class chairperson 
-Tropical Rainforest Presentation 
-Improved in Chinese
-Shaun Tan going for "Hair for Hope"
-Getting the air horn 
-Stopped torrenting the class
-Being united with one another
-Playing basketball 
-Outdoor Expedition 
-Hanging out with the class
-A lot of clapping in class
-Putting brinjals in Benjamin's bag

-Music being blasted in class
-Investigative Skills in Science Project (the process)
-No class outing 
-Maintaining silence/order in class
-Using phone in class
-Late submission of homework
-Kenneth Kiang trying to beat Donovan
-Trying to grow taller 
-S202 no longer exists

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